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                             Dataweigh Omega

Dataweigh Omega series provides customers with significant benefits, such as improvement in “productivity”, “operation”, “maintenance”, “food safety” and “environmental responsibility”.

 Dataweigh Sigma F1 Plus

Sigma F1-Plus handles products as diverse as snack, confectionery, fresh salad, etc. with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

Dataweigh Alpha Advance


Alpha Advance Machine benefit the Customer by it's Easy Operation with it's new Colour Touch Screen Interface.Easy Maintenance is another highlight of this machine.


                               Checkweigher I-series
Achieving Industry-Leading Performance Level, Outstanding Food Safety, and Ease of Operation
                           Dataweigh Epsilon

Dataweigh Epsilon is our latest innovation in Multihead weighing. Engineered to handle a wide range of products, the machine brings with it new range of options including next generation networking capabilities at a very affordable price range.

             Dataweigh Sigma F1 Compact

Offers Optimum weighing for smaller target weights. 

The F1 compact is space efficient as it requires a smaller footprint compared to other weighers

Checkweigher J series【New Release】

J series checkweighers are economical and they are in par with our high end I series checkweigher in terms of specifications. They offer improved productivity, easy operation and versility.

Semiautomatic Table-top DataweighTM 


An ideal combination scale for producing fixed weight food packages. This machine is most suitable for Fresh & Fragile applications like fish , meat etc which are difficult to handle with Multihead Weighers.

Four-Hopper Cut-Gate Packer Scale with electromagnetic feeder


The Yamato new packer scale FNL-0512CV-04 will be your new weighing solution. Specially designed for small to large bags from 100g to 20kg with high accuracy.

Throat Metal Detectors YD3P series


For Vertical Packaging Applications

Fish Analyzer2.jpg
Fish Analyzer

Fish fat and freshness meter!

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