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Fish Analyzer TM series DFA100 / DFA110

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Fish analyzer, as well as to provide consumers with high-quality seafood, is a product that has been developed in order to achieve the brand of excellent fish.

The DFA100 fish analyzer is currently available only in Japan. However we look forward to extending the sales worldwide soon. Yamato has already noted the tremendous response from aqua farm customers for growth control management, fishery and fish processing customers on developing brand value of quality fish, and from consumers for better purchasing decisions.

In addition to the conventional 14 fish species (Aji, Masaba, Sardine, Sanma, Buri, Tuna, Blue mackerel, Madai, Kinmedai, Bonito, Salmon, Rainbow trout, Sawara, Medai), 6 fish species (Suzuki, Hatahata, Mahata, Hirasoda, Anago) , Maruji) can be added to measure the fat content of a total of 20 fish species, and the fat riding condition of all fish can be measured in the calibration line mode.


*Measurement can be performed without damaging the fish.


Just slightly touch the electrode between the 1st and 2nd dorsal fins and the fat percentage will be displayed within 3 seconds.

*Small fish can also be measured


With the use of attachment, small fish such as sardines with a thickness of 3 cm or less can be measured reliably.

*Identify the thawed product

Measuring the thawed fish after freezing, the fat percentage is not displayed and it is displayed as “thawed product”.

*Measure the fat percentage of 20 types of fish


*You can judge fat for fish other than 20 kinds as a guide

Fish Analyzer TM is equipped with a calibration curve mode to measure fish species that are not registered this time.
By using this calibration curve mode, you can measure "impedance value (unit: Ω)" instead of fat percentage.

*Adopts multi-frequency measurement that achieves high accuracy

Fish Analyzer TM uses a multi-frequency measurement method that allows electricity to flow at multiple frequencies. When electricity is applied to the fish body at a low frequency, electricity mainly flows outside the cell, and conversely, when electricity is applied at a high frequency, electricity also flows inside the cell. In this way, the flow of electricity is changed and fat is analyzed from the inside and outside of the cell, so highly accurate fat percentage measurement is realized. If the fish is frozen and then thawed, the cell membrane will be destroyed, so there will be no difference in the way electricity flows. Defrosted products are also identified by observing the difference in the flow of electricity using a multi-frequency measurement method.


*High-precision measurement data can be managed by PC / tablet and printed by wireless printer with communication function


With the optional Bluetooth wireless communication, measurement results can be sent and managed to an external PC / tablet. ..
You can also print with a wireless printer.


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