Yamato is known worldwide as the industry leader offering more than 100 models of combination weighers and multihead weighers.

We cover your product’s weighing, mixing or counting needs. Yamato’s product offerings, from the economical Alpha Advanced Series through the high-speed Omega Series, can address virtually any packaging application.

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What's new with Yamato: Fish Analyzer!!!

Fish Analyzer.jpg

The First Handy type Fish Analyzer for Easy and Accurate Fish Fat Measurement in the world!  

March, 2015, Yamato announces the release of the DFA100 fish analyzer in Japan. Yamato’s handy fish analyzer is compact and easy to operate, providing quick evaluation of fish quality. Mackerel Pike, Yellowtail, Horse Mackerel, Tuna and Sardine are some of the fish for which fat measurements can be displayed.

The DFA100 will allow consumers to receive quality fish, while increasing the product value from fisheries and processing industries.


Yamato uses the bioelectrical impedance principle to measure within five seconds without damage to the fish body. Electrodes are simply positioned on the fish surface between the first and second fins to receive an accurate fat measurement reading.  

News on COVID-19: Together we are Stronger

Thank you very much for visiting our Yamato stand at the Gulfood Manufacturing 2019!       

It was  our pleasure and honor to have you on the show and we appreciate the time you had spent with us on the exhibition.


We are very delighted that you have interests and inquiries on our products and technologies.

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Yamato's new Dates Application Multihead Weigher

Introducing our new Dates Application weigher which was launched at our stand during the Gulfood Manufacturing 2015. This weigher is specially designed and optimized to use it with Dates.

Dates have been a staple food of the middle east for thousands of years. They have long shelf life and does not normally require refrigeration.

Cultivated in many contries of the middle east , there are different varieties of dates.

Dates are usually sticky when ripened which is why we have developed this newly advanced weigher with Special Embossed Surface and Steep chute.

Bringing you super high speed and accuracy with friendly usability through an innovative weighing system. This high speed and high accuracy weighing system promises product speeds faster than 200wpm. Dataweigh Omega contributes to Cost reduction by the reducing the Power Consumption by 60%.

Optional features like Counting Software, Mixing software , Multi-point discharge, Priority head, Product Inspection Camera etc makes it a highly advanced combination weighing system.

It supports Mixing Application wherein it can mix up to 8 different products in one weigher. 

Dataweigh Alpha Advance series realize high-speed weighing: 75wpm by 10-head model and 140wpm by 14 head model. The accuracy is also improved compared to the previous (Alpha Plus) model. We also have 20 heads Alpha Advance machine which can fulfill the Customer's "Twin Discharge" requirement.