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HACCP compliant design provides the improved capability, control, indication and value required in the modern production environment.



■Hygiene comlied with HACCP and GMP requirements

  • Stainless steel tubular frame prevents dust build-up.

  • Conveyor and conveyor belts come off with no use of any tools.

  • DC motor driven conveyors are adjustable through touch screen.



 ■Flexibility meets customer requirements

  • Compact indicator can be mounted on a column or on the checkweigher body for low profile for easy viewing from a distance.

  • Easy integration with one or more metal and/or X-ray inspection devices.



■Meets International Standards

  • Multilingual (Japanese, English and Chinese).

  • Accepts wide range of voltages (100, 115, 200, 220, 230 and 240 VAC)

  • Conforms to OIML R51 and UL



■DC Motor Flexibility

  • Enables a wide range of conveyor speeds to meet your requirements

  • Conveyor speed can be controlled through the indicator.



■Advanced, Interactive Touch Screen Controller with " Wizard Function"

Product set-up: Up to 100 different program setups and parameters can be stored in memory for instant recall.


  • The Wizard makes setup easy and error free

  • The CE2100 6" monochrome LCD features a pressure sensitive touch screen that is connected to the main body of the checkweigher through ARC Net.


  • Optional data printer 

  • Sum up and print out production control data through a simple menu











■A Variety of indication to meet your production needs(Examples)




  • HACCP compliant tubular stainless steel frame

  • Wide variety of layouts meets your requirements

  • Meets international standards

  • High accuracy and high speed

  • DC motor flexibility

  • Network capabilities(optional)

  • Self-diagnosis










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